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The Cyclone saga – Part 2.

The fridge won’t work.


It’s not connected to the invertor.

I stood up in alarm.

As soon as she said the fridge wasn’t connected to the inverter, my headache vanished. She made a grumpy face as I along with K, swung immediately to action. I didn’t care much about the other foodstuff, but I would be damned if a mere cyclone spoilt all my meat. So, what if it was the severest Goa had seen in the last 20 odd years!

In the freezer, the meat was categorised into sections that would have made a data-analyst proud. Breakfast sausages, lunch-dinner chunks, dinner kababs, the odd spiced/garlic patties, even a solitary forgotten packet of Momos. Only when I inspected it did I realise why it was forgotten – veg Momos.

Shouldn’t we stock up on water first? she asked. I grudgingly agreed, K connected the water filter to a power source, we stocked up. Then we thought of ways to save the meat.

In the end K saved the day, put his data-analytics cap on. He had given up a fat pay-check bearing yet mind-numbing IT job. Now he happily crunched some numbers, came to the conclusion that if the fridge was kept connected to the invertor for 2 hours, then switched off, we would still have enough power to last through the night and the meat would thaw off exactly in time when the help walked in. Then we could cook, salt, smoke -do whatever it takes to save the meat.

Problem solved.

We decided to make pakoras for evening chai. How pakoras turned into mashed potatoes with chicken and beer/cola we don’t exactly know. We played Uno, scrabble, watched a movie – it became night, the rains splashed, the winds lashed, but we couldn’t be bothered. We were all tucked in, ready to call it a night. Life was good.

Till the inverter gave the ‘BEEP_BEEP’ sound……

Wait for part 3.

photocredits – nrd unsplash – geulgram. Writer credits : Soni Anthony Abraham


Published by appamprawns

soni writes about children and people in controlled spaces, in his quest for appam stew. homi writes in the hope of being able to buy prawns to make patiyo.

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