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Pain in parts

He didn’t seem in pain. But something was wrong I was at R’s house when I asked – What happened? This…. R showed me his hands. A red rash had broken out in patches on both his hands. Will you still be attending the gig? Oh most certainly! This is because of stress, i said.Continue reading “Pain in parts”

Funny hospital stays with my father

Dad was in the hospital again. Another surgery, a minor one. As usual I was there to give him company. We shared a room with this other couple. Guy was being operated, his wifey was telling the world about it. That’s where the fun began. She continued talking to the lady called Mamta while movingContinue reading “Funny hospital stays with my father”

5 things a teetotaller can do around a wine shop

One place near dad’s house is a wineshop. A place me as a teetotaller had no use for. Until one day… I quit drinking a while back. So now, except on the one odd occasion with friends, I rarely frequent drinking joints. But a visit to a wineshop has just not happened – there’s simplyContinue reading “5 things a teetotaller can do around a wine shop”

Sudden rain & its consequences

It has started raining here – What? Yeah, proper rains, but (beat) it will pass in a bit. You sure? He didn’t reply. One of his many names was ‘mountain man’, ‘Mr. Trekker’ etc. If he said the rain would stop it would. Another thought struck me – If it’s raining towards your end, then–Continue reading “Sudden rain & its consequences”

Empty roads, take us home

The streets of Bandra are empty this Sunday evening. A vehicle passes us by on Hill Road every thirty seconds at most. It is possible to walk in the middle of the road right now. I look at you. You’re equally puzzled.“The roads are so empty.”“Its a Sunday evening.”“This makes no sense.” I continue toContinue reading “Empty roads, take us home”

Visual vistas on a morning walk

Apartment gate – The security guards minus their regular safari-suit uniforms now wearing shorts (from trimming pants) and flayed t-shirts drawing water to wash cars for owners who would later drive by without acknowledging as the same people salute them wearing uniforms.  Bus stop – Middle aged lady worried eyes with Covid mask at bus-stopContinue reading “Visual vistas on a morning walk”

This is home too

Beats reverberate from different drums from all over the room. There’s chatter to accompany it, people yapping in twos or threes. Then laughter. And the drums begin again. The beat is a faithful companion. The words are like fleeting lovers, a hint of a touch and off they go. They are hardly audible above theContinue reading “This is home too”