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Unfinished business

‘This book will never be finished.”It will! You just watch.’2000 years later, the book was still being rewritten and argued over. She had read history was written by the victors. In that moment, there seemed to be a clear winner in that moment who would, possibly, last for a few years more. After that, theContinue reading “Unfinished business”


Visual vistas on a morning walk

Apartment gate – The security guards minus their regular safari-suit uniforms now wearing shorts (from trimming pants) and flayed t-shirts drawing water to wash cars for owners who would later drive by without acknowledging as the same people salute them wearing uniforms.  Bus stop – Middle aged lady worried eyes with Covid mask at bus-stopContinue reading “Visual vistas on a morning walk”

Not the 9-to-5 type conversations

What do you do? B, the choreographer, asked . Right now, i take care of my parents, L answered honestly. B’s head tilted slightly. One’s expired, the other is still around, L added to further impress with his honesty. Much more that what B had hoped for. B continued smiling, L looked down. How doesContinue reading “Not the 9-to-5 type conversations”