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Funny hospital stays with my father

Dad was in the hospital again. Another surgery, a minor one. As usual I was there to give him company. We shared a room with this other couple. Guy was being operated, his wifey was telling the world about it. That’s where the fun began. She continued talking to the lady called Mamta while movingContinue reading “Funny hospital stays with my father”

The second jab

You will have to buy another mask.Why? This won’t do.Huh?Let me get this; the mask i wore, a faint off white with light green fused with darker green floral designs – one i bought at a fancy mall in a designer outlet where it sold like hot cakes. The one i wear frequently to meet,Continue reading “The second jab”


Little girl wheels by prettyHer eyes shrink, Waiting in eternity Refuse to seeShe is but one more Casual….ty The waiting room of a private hospital – which I still find pricey – held nothing for me. A few oddballs – Mallu couple discussing lunch,  Sindhi housewife dissecting a blood report on mobile, a senior citizen inspecting his bill. Otherwise,Continue reading “Casualty”