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The edge

The woman stands where the sea laps the beach, gently bathing her feet with sand and salt. She has been screaming into the void and her mind is as full as the beach is empty. She is thankful it is a weekday and grateful for the expanse all around. In her exhausted state, her mindContinue reading “The edge”


I walked with the rain gods today

The skies opened upnot pitter patter, nor slow-burn romancethe hell & spitfire kindreal rain& i was caught in the middleFor two seconds iconsiderthe thatched bus stop people huddle thereirate unmoved unaffected watch while wait no.i walk onIt made friends of two fruit vendors selling papayas.Now under one umbrellathey forget to competeenjoy each-otherscollective warmthUneven roads turnContinue reading “I walked with the rain gods today”