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Friday clubbing conversations – Never say never.

7.00: me – Have N confirmed ?
7.00: H- She’s not called
7.01: me – I haven’t slept well the past two nights .
7.01: H – I hear you

7.30: me – Its still raining
7.30: H – I sent her a message. Others also have not confirmed
7.30: me – I think the plan will be canned.
7.30 H – Never say never. 

8:07: me – Going to eat something, you?
8.07: H – Already did, long  back
8.07: me – Fu@#*r

9.09: me – Sleeping early, have an early start tomorrow.
9.10: H – What times the flight ?
9.10: me- Early morning , also got to run an errand before.
9.11: H – Better get some shut eye.
9.12: me – Cool.

6 minutes later
9.18: H – N messaged,  everyone’s coming.
9.18: me – Give me 5 to get ready!

Messages in cabs
Me – I’m going dancing
F – You were not well right
Me – That was yesterday 
M – And now?
Me – Now I came to Bandra !!

Dance table conversation
Me after a round of loosening limbs catch sight of H.
Me – Get up n dance baba, why are sitting down?
H – Just taking it all in, chilling…..
I nodded, turn away to N , whisper in her ear and go back to dancing. 10 minutes later I sideglance towards H. Still sitting down at the empty table , looking bored and irritated.  Except now there is a double vodka lemon next to him. I return to dancing.
Exactly 19 minutes later
Can we join?
A couple of girls ask H if they can join the dance train he’s running through the place.
H responds –  Don’t just sit there – dance !!

Another dance table conversation

Me – She’s hot !
H – But she’s with another guy.
Me – Hmmn – he looks a little like me.
H – He’s fitter, full hair and younger.
Me – Ga@#d*

An  hour later-the Dj is on fire -they are playing Dire straits, Modern Talking and Bee Gees.
P – We have not jived na ?
Me – what I do cannot be called jive 
P – Oh please !
Me – Ok let’s go
9 minutes later
P – You were right
I shrug. Case closed

The end
‘Thank you and good night, this is DJ Max , you have been a great audience’.

Last drinks chugged, mobiles- bags picked up along with a few side glances stolen.  Then we head out with tired feet and content souls. It’s pouring outside. Uber, ola , autos booked, hugs all around, one by one the group dissappears. Till it’s just me, H and P.
P – We should do this again
Me – Sure
H – How ? Next week you not here , nor is N or the rest of the gang.
Me – Never say never.


Published by appamprawns

soni writes about children and people in controlled spaces, in his quest for appam stew. homi writes in the hope of being able to buy prawns to make patiyo.

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