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Life and its differrent forms

The refrigerator seems to be planning to go on strike. That’s the first thing i am told on returning to the home in the city. Tomorrow is a holiday. The person who repairs it will be available on Monday.

“Will come at noon.”

The freezer seems to be cool yet -+ a relief! — even as a thousand smells seem to be emerging from the fridge below.

Bubbles are emerging from the cooked pulses along with a sour smell. I have never seen bubbles forming in food of their own accord. Fascinating!

There is new life here.

I am thankful for returning to the city feeling fresh. The city and its guts have me churning in them already and that is just how it is. Gratitude flows to the neighbours and their empty fridges.

All the food at home has just been heated and left to cool slowly in the cool of the night. The only thing left to do is sleep and wait for noon. Hopefully, there is life left in the refrigerator yet.


Published by appamprawns

soni writes about children and people in controlled spaces, in his quest for appam stew. homi writes in the hope of being able to buy prawns to make patiyo.

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