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Visual vistas on a morning walk

Apartment gate – The security guards minus their regular safari-suit uniforms now wearing shorts (from trimming pants) and flayed t-shirts drawing water to wash cars for owners who would later drive by without acknowledging as the same people salute them wearing uniforms. 

Bus stop – Middle aged lady worried eyes with Covid mask at bus-stop flaying her hands out as a rickshaw stops she lets it go flays some more at a taxi that drives by without stopping. 

Uphill to Mount Mary – Woman in sleek black jogging attire runs towards the Mother Mary statue stops determined face turns docile folds hands prays 10 seconds facing the statue turns 180 now prays facing church. 

Downhill to Bandstand – Running family of 5 on opposite end of one-way street run upwards towards me young woman braided hair jogging tights will win 30’s something man wearing worst running attire designed by Reebok close second girl in teens trying her best to catch man (she would not this year but definitely the next, if there is a next) right behind woman in 50’s comfortable shorts n T competing all the way last lady in 30’s pretends a niggle in leg gives up walks while eyeing those ahead middle aged man crosses says don’t give up  she responds Never walks at leisurely pace uphill. 

Land’s end – Vast mouthful of misty sky next to manmade beautiful bridge cutting through the sea fishing boat rowing kind with two men waddle around further a motorized boat steams through above are birds big and small all searching for prey. 

Promenade bench – Couple talk in Tulu 3 women stroll 2 discuss work the 3rd removes mask moves on single man watching sea phone-call disturbs he ignores vast sea to debate domestic dispute passes chubby Bandra Catholic and big Bandra Sindhi disagree in sweaty attire over politics of Uttar Pradesh decide to part say goodbye Catholic walks on pavement Sindhi gets off to joins a group indulging in group exercise. 

Leaving land’s end – Small goat at entrance white with small bronze coloured perfectly aligned horns on head seems to continuously chew as man in rickshaw parked very close to goat watches it watches me I cross ahead. 

Outside Hotel Taj Land’s end – Dark military green antique car cruising driver big man Veerapan moustache pony tail front of car seemed fully occupied he responds to stranger’s question on car’s age as 1943 too small cramped for man his size. 

Near Bandstand – Crossed running family again near car on the side-lines 50’s something lady chatting with other women her age man sipping water sitting in front seat seeing lady with pretend niggle talking to women who won the race teen girl clicking their photo on mobile as I realise they are not family. 

Uphill Mount Mary – Chubby man carrying school bag made to run by small black and white French bulldog chubby shouts Bruno Bruno bull dog licks tension off his lips leads the way.  

Downhill Bus stop – Rickshaw guy white shirt jeans halts way of BEST bus tells bus driver wearing khaki uniform have you told at home you are not coming back? starts rickshaw clears way bus driver in uniform calmly drives ahead. 

Lane to apartment – Mutt limps hair singed skin raw peeled pink suffers greatly yet limps sniffs spots rubbish continues to limp searching for things he will not get (will get tired and rest for a long time before he walks again).


Published by appamprawns

soni writes about children and people in controlled spaces, in his quest for appam stew. homi writes in the hope of being able to buy prawns to make patiyo.

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