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Secret lives of Tenzing & Ahndantae– Part 2.


As the crashing sounds reached my ears, I ran from the bedroom to the hall fearing the worst. In the hall, I took it all in – the destruction, mayhem, even death.

I took stock & inspected the chaos. The money plant & tulsi had lost a lot of mud, but were still alive. The bonsai though, still a baby was dead. I inspected their fall – from their home on the wide stool where they had stood proudly moments ago to the floor where they had been dashed down in shock surprise – 6 feet. My conclusion – a deliberate act. And the guilty party were very much around.

I sweep-searched the most likely area – sofa, cupboard, coffee tea poi, chair – nothing. Till my right eye caught a blur. I turned to confirm.  

On the small rack in the corner, between the books & the cycle parts shelfs – my eyes settled on the middle shelf. Staring at my ordeal were a pair of grey glass eyes & stained muddy front paws.

Tenzing, the male cat stared back defiantly & did a DeNero.

You talking to me?

On cue, from the ceiling book rack came a meow. I looked up – Ahndantae, the female. She meowed again – what I read as

I’m hungry.


From the past two days Tenzing-Ahndantae & me have been living with each other & holding onto our space. There was a clear division – bags, bedroom, kitchen & bathroom – my area; hall, passageways, comfy shelf tops, their zone. They played along with this physical division of mine.

Before Tenzing decided to show who’s boss.

The assassination of the potted plants was the first step. That was followed by food inspections in kitchen, stomach jumps during naps, photobombing zoom meetings & finally finding my socks anywhere but in my shoe.

I fought back – locked up rooms, conducted surprise raids, I shooed, booed & glared. They pretended to be scared, lulled me to believe I succeeded. Until…

Knock! Knock! ………. KNOCK! KNOCK!!

I woke up in a daze, checked my mobile – 3.30 am. I was in a strange bed in a small room in a new place & as far as I remember – alone. Then it happened again.

Knock! Knock! ………. KNOCK! KNOCK!!

I looked in the direction of the noise – the door. With a thumping heart, I walked there, opened it to pitch darkness.

Must be the wind, I told myself. Except there were no wind. Then I heard scratching sounds from inside the room. Frantically I switched on the lights.

In the corner, Ahndantae was using the litter box. Must be her, I convinced myself still not convinced as I sat in bed & looked the other way and waited for her to finish her business. When I heard scratching sounds again, I looked towards the litter box. She was nowhere to be seen. I bent down below the bed to find her, not there. I looked up. On my bed a pair of eyes stared back at me. I jumped!

On my duffle bag was Tenzing.

When did you come in?

Why are you always staring at me?

Were you here as well as outside – can you do that?

These questions floated in and out of my head as I sat down too scared to shoo him away. Then Tenzing got bored, got up & left the room. Relieved, I locked it behind, kept the lights on and went to sleep.

Knock! Knock! ………. KNOCK! KNOCK!!

Bleary eyed, I opened the door. They both looked up to me – Each had a message in their eyes –

Andante: I’m hungry?

Tenzing: The spaceship lands here.

As they walked in, I held the door open in total surrender.

To be continued ……


Published by appamprawns

soni writes about children and people in controlled spaces, in his quest for appam stew. homi writes in the hope of being able to buy prawns to make patiyo.

One thought on “Secret lives of Tenzing & Ahndantae– Part 2.

  1. I’m in tears.
    Tenzing definitely knows when the space ship lands.but cant find his own bum or even food thwts an inch from his face on a good day .


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