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Fitness Freak – 2

Next day – 7.50am. Fitness – now or never!

T-shirt-shorts, bandana, wi-fi ready – time to go live. Although, this time it wasn’t the same class. Yesterday it was some guy called D. Now it was a girl called S. Yesterdays was called dance burner by D, todays was stay dance fit by S. Does it make a difference, not really. I clicked on live.

And S stood there smiling away.

My mind – She is too young.

Me – Why? You thinking of dating her?

Conversation over.

S had two flunkies – oops pardon my French – the right word is assistants behind her. One male, one female to maintain that perfect gender balance.

S was a fit girl who wore a blue sleeveless top & a black leggings with a happy smile. One ‘be awesome & stay hydrated’ speech later, she began the warm up session.

S – Raise your hands – enjoy – keep smiling.

Raise shoulders, raise hands, lift one leg, lift another, repeat, easy. Second time, a little quicker, Raise calfs, shoulder, hands above heads, swing, do half squat and repeat.

Okay then, getting hot.

Repeat, repeat, shake, shake. futher changes – dance kick one leg & one hand, shimmy your booty, repeat with opposite hand-leg combo, engage core, more forward, move back – & repeat Getting hot & tough. Thrice more we did the routine till S said….

And Relax.

My hand automatically reached for my water bottle, as i sipped i looked at S’s assistant – the guy had an impatient smile – barely had broken a smile. More so, he was ready to get on with it. When I put my bottle down, did I realise I had drained all the water. S spoke….

S – After that wonderful warm-up, let’s begin the main session.

Me – What? Warm up!! I thought this was the session!!

Bangda Pale!!!

Next track was Bollywood – high energy Punjabi number. Suddenly S & her assistants began lashing hands and legs wildly. Now they were in a cozy studio, me in my room when I realised how much unwanted stuff I had piled up over time. I began acutely aware of the extra strong writing desk & chair, cursed the cupboard door that refused to shut, grunted twice when my foot crashed into the corrugated box & my eyes kept finding the Swiss ball on the loft that kept threatening to fall down to the vibrations of my body.

Come on, come on – S egged. on. The track changed, this time a peppy pop number.

This is when i realised my body had gone on strike. The lower half of my body to be precise – the upper half of hands right upto core were following S’s instructions, but my torso to hips and lower down were struggling to keep up. That’s when i began avoiding S’s eyes. Now sweat started free flowing right through me, i felt my jerky moments as muscles that i didnt know existed were put to action by S’s instructions and they protested as best as they could.

I knew one thing for sure – what S & her assistants were doing was dance, what i was doing was not.

Track stops. 2 seconds rest while my heart raced, adrenaline pumped & my back screamed in pain. I wanted water but the bottle was empty. The girl assistant right behind S was smiling – god – i wanted to strangle her!

Next track – slightly slower number – but still upbeat. I eyed the ‘cancel’ X button on the live screen. S made us go up & down, jiggy, shimmy, circle & squat. Breathless, I wanted desperately to press the X, I reached closer, I saw the smile on S’s face. Automatically i smiled back, too chicken to back out.

I danced with my crazy grin intact. The grin remained when dad walked in & out of the room, even when the help barged in, took one look & stomped back. I continued smiling and struggling through the next two songs till S said end of session.

S clapped. I smiled and clapped with them. There was a cool down session where we stretched, and didn’t stop smiling. A slight sweet pain travelled through me as I wrote this piece.  But my smile stays on.

Because all I have to do is click right, make a choice when they ask…,



Published by appamprawns

soni writes about children and people in controlled spaces, in his quest for appam stew. homi writes in the hope of being able to buy prawns to make patiyo.

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