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Fitness Freak – 1

4 months ago I was fit.

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Until 40 mutton burgers, 20 beef steaks, 75 pizza-pasta-ravioli dinners, about a 100 Chinese dishes, add 100 tandoori ones too, and uncountable colas, fries, chocolates and ice-creams later let’s say……

I’m not that fit.

I decided to do something about it. Walks – can’t, raining outside and the same goes for jogs. Exercise at gym – not motivated enough, too lazy and yes, COVID.   

Till my friend said –

Download ‘x’ app.

I downloaded the app, scanned through – yoga-dance-HRX etc., levels for beginners and their prices were easy on the pocket. My eyes stopped at the ‘Live’ sessions. At last, what really mattered.

There was a dance class for beginners, starting at 4.30 pm. The time was 4.15 – do I have to pay up now? Suddenly I wasn’t so sure about being a fit boy. Till I saw the scroll running at the bottom of the screen – ‘avail 2 free trial classes’. I grinned, immediately wore one of my quick dry football jerseys and matching shorts with a bandana for my shampooed-poodle hair. That’s till i experienced ….

Laptop troubles.

Time – 4.27, I clicked on the link. No luck. I thought about wearing shoes. The prospect of having to clean my room after made me change my mind. At 4.29 my dad walked into my room after his noon nap. He wanted to use the bathroom as we shared it. Of course, I couldn:t say no. He went in.

My laptop was placed facing the room and the bathroom door was right behind. And I could not change the angle of the laptop. 


Decision time.

As a 45 years old, I had done it all before my father – but no way was I going to be caught dancing in the room when my father exited the loo! I pulled off the bandana, checked the timing for next day and made myself a nice cup of chai. Fitness class had been postponed until further notice.

Continued in part 2

Post credit – Soni Anthony. Photo credits –


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soni writes about children and people in controlled spaces, in his quest for appam stew. homi writes in the hope of being able to buy prawns to make patiyo.

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