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What is normal now?

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The monsoon’s two-week break is over. In the past week, multiple places on the western coast, in the Western Ghats and in South-Central India have gone under water.

A few examples from the past 4 days…

The Santacruz weather station in Mumbai crossed its seasonal total of 2000mm on 22nd July. 120 days of rain received in 52 days — the quickest on record.
The amount of water in the lakes that supply Mumbai increased from 18% on 18th to almost 58% today.
As a headline in the Mid-Day stated, “Mumbai Rains: Lakes get 3.5 months’ water in 4 days“.
Mahableshwar, in Maharashtra, has received close to 1550mm of rainfall in the last 3 days. That’s close to a third of the whole season’s average of around 5500mm.
Rivers in Chiplun and Ratnagiri flowed above their previously recorded highest levels for up to 25 hours.
As of now, Kolhapur and Sangli are deep under water for a second year in a row.
There has been record-breaking rain measured in northern Telangana, which i am not even beginning to include here.

Numbers, numbers, numbers. What do they mean?

Over the past few years, rainfall has been increasing while the number of rainy days has been going down. This is my contention and is ready for research. This is true not just for Mumbai, but for many more, if not all, places in the country. Further, if true, this will indicate that rain is becoming more intense when it does fall with longer dry periods in the middle.

These events and patterns have consequences from what can be sowed and when to how much water the earth can absorb affecting the water table to the habits and behaviours that we will have to adopt to adapt to this changing world.

To think the IMD had predicted it was going to be a normal monsoon. What a hoot!


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