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Rental Q & A

Where have you been staying?

Here and there.

K, my gypsy friend was restless. 2 weeks of Swiggy, Netflix, or living in a gated society during lockdown just wasn’t him. And that’s when he found out about the island.

What is your name?


K what?

I like to be known as just K.

The only way to get to the island was by ferry. It had villas, wildlife, villagers, even a bird sanctuary. The people there didn’t want to go anywhere in a hurry – perfect for K.

What do you do?

I used to work earlier, not now.

What job?

All types – Corporate, NGO’s, even as a teacher. Then I stopped.


Because I didn’t want to teach.

K visited the island – found common friends, danced with dogs and befriended future foes. All to find the ideal shelter for himself to stay there.

Does your family agree with all this?

I lost my dad a year ago and I also lost my mother a few days back.

Did you say days?


Are you not able to go back to your home-town?

No- I chose to stay here.

K made friends with a local, who spoke of a man who could have a space for him. K called him, but they couldn’t speak – bad network. Another sign that told K the place was perfect.

Where have you been staying till now?

Now, am in the north. Past two months, I was staying towards the south.


With a local family.

Did you know them?


K reached our place where there was network. He called the man again. This time they spoke.

What do you do about money?

I manage.

Are you married?


Ahh, okay.

We were out for a walk. Thats when K made the call.

You can stay in the apartment. But it needs repair.

If there are four walls, just a room, I will manage.

But can you afford the rent?

What is it?

The man was afraid the rent may be too high. K said he could afford it. K cut the call.

Best rent conversation ever.

I know bro.

Next time, can you please negotiate my rent too.

For that you have to come to the island now.

K will be off next week to his island. And I will be moving on in life. Will meet again, in a new place, a new island. 

Writing credits – Soni Anthony.


Published by appamprawns

soni writes about children and people in controlled spaces, in his quest for appam stew. homi writes in the hope of being able to buy prawns to make patiyo.

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