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The dog who wanted something

A busy evening at a Barista in the Shivaji park area of the city.. I’m meeting a friend and we’re yapping away. The stars were aligned in some way – me a writer, a dog lover, she a canine behaviourist, an expert who reads dog body language. And that’s when we first notice him.

He’s an Indie mixed with a shepherding dog. She tells me they call them gadee or bhutia dogs. This one doesn’t want to guard and he definitely isn’t herding. He wants something else and he wants it now.

He first says hi to the couple, specifically the girl as they sit outside, smoking. The girl thinks he is just being friendly and cute. She pets and cuchie-coos him. He shows her his belly — she doesn’t get it. The boyfriend grins away — he seems to have no clue either.

Jst then,, an excitable girl in a dress on the last table hollers for him. He dumps the couple and bounds over, tail wagging away. She cuddles him, shakes his hand and hugs him

His face contorts into a look that seems to say,  “What a waste!” He ditches her and returns to his original spot.

We keep watching him as he tries different stunts. He charms, chances and courts different people — they cuddle or cut him off. Still no go. He gives up and settles down on the floor

My friend takes pity. I pay up while she heads out. She gets near — he’s not too excited but offers a cursory tail wag. Then she bends down and brings her hand near his head. Expecting another pat/hug he stays still.

Until her hand reaches his neck.

He’s sitting in a flash. Her soft, yet firm hands, caress his ears. His eyes light up. He knows she’s got it right. His tail wags like a car wiper going crazy in a storm. She us all smiles, doing her thing unmindful of the people watching in awe. He is on his belly, his face sporting a wide grin, and eyes glazed over, telling us he’s in wonderland.

Finally she gets up. The dog seems reluctant but realises time’s up. He says thanks, we say goodbye.

As we walk away, I think back to the look in his eyes as he lay on his belly. He seemed to be telling the humans around,

“Hey. I am glad I make you feel good but sometimes, I don’t need your hugs or cuddles. It’s very simple. All I need -‘, he pauses as enjoys her actions, before continuing,

“All I need is a good scratch!”


Published by appamprawns

soni writes about children and people in controlled spaces, in his quest for appam stew. homi writes in the hope of being able to buy prawns to make patiyo.

16 thoughts on “The dog who wanted something

  1. This is such a wonderful story! Dogs are pretty amazing. I personally prefer cats, but my husband is all about dogs.


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