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Bumpy’s home

In Bumpy’s words….. 

I called him ‘Fuzz boy’ for his face full of fuzz. I invited Fuzz boy to stay a few days. Have to be gracious, am a Malabar hill indie after all. 

Next morning, me and Fuzz boy walk to Priyadarshini Park a.k.a. PDP. That’s my home – till my main man got me. My old pals Sheru and Bijlee join me, we walk in Mum-bhai style. 

Initially Fuzz boy was a bit stiff, tying himself to me. I know many here guards, Gujju’s and grannies. Many cuddles and sniffs later Fuzz boy relaxes a bit, unchains himself. I run, play and have a blast! All my excitement unnerves him. He quickly ties himself back to me. 

Finally, we sat in the dog park. A few pedigrees try their tricks, I snarl, my home DawG! Sh** n disappear! Point taken; they leave us alone. I chill, take in the sky n sea. Fuzz boy tries to be like me, but can’t. 

Humans I tell you!

Fuzz boy wants me to get back to my main man’s house. I stall, keep turning back, pull at the chain, all to make him understand. There, the cool floors great toys even the groovy food, it ain’t a patch on PDP. But then I see the anxiety on his face. I relent. We head back.  

On the way, I think of my main man. I love him like no other he took care of me like a mother. My hind leg, a human messed it up. But I still got my swag. It doesn’t make a difference to my main man. He loves me all the same. And to prove my love each day, I go back to his place. 

Sometimes I turn to look down at the park, my heart goes Adios! Until tomorrow! 


Published by appamprawns

soni writes about children and people in controlled spaces, in his quest for appam stew. homi writes in the hope of being able to buy prawns to make patiyo.

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